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Regarding Labor Day, Biograd na Moru Tourist Board has decided to dedicate one of its manifestations to its most numerous and most faithful guests – the Slovenians, and thus the traditional Slovenian Weekend ensued. The manifestation lasts for a couple of days and is devoted to an active vacation and entertainment evenings. It promotes, at the same time, family gatherings and includes all members in organized activities. Even though the accent is on Slovenian guests, the manifestation is intended for all those who wish to briefly escape from work and the hustle and bustle of urban lifestyle, participate in activities and have fun. The wide variety choice of activities is offered where one can surely find something of interest: running, sailing, walking or cycling. The evening entertainment is a balance to the daily activities where participants have the chance to socialize, relax, and enjoy the musical performances. Children have also been taken into consideration and they have their daily and evening program.

If you have not visited the Slovenian Weekend do so and spend you Labor Day holidays in cheerful company!

Run Biograd

Biograd Run starts with gathering all participants on the seafront, and the race consists of three laps: 1 km, 5 km and 10 km. considered that the Slovenian weekend promoted socializing and including all family members, the shortest lap is ideal for the youngest participants. The 5 km lap is for amateur runners, and the longest lap is for professionals and the most persistent. The beauty of this race is in the route itself that covers the Biograd coastline. It stars from the seafront, follows the entire length of the beach and the woods of Soline Park. There is no registration fee for this excellent race, and each participant receives a T-shirt with logo upon registration. At the winner announcement and the ceremonial award ceremony, all participants will be awarded with medals, followed by socializing at the refreshment for all.


Recreational Biograd Walk

After all the other activities, leave some time for recreational walking.
The walk starts off from the center of our city, the central park at the bus station and moves onto the final destination, the Croatian Gardaland – Biograd Fun Park.

During their walk, the participants will have the chance to see the most beautiful parts of Biograd and thus from the park on Trg hrvatskih velkikana Square they will descend towards City Hall, a building located in front of the magnificent Biograd seafront. The walk continues along the well-known hotel company Ilirija which is right next to the sea. It then goes further on along the swimming pool that bears the same name and follows the coast passing by beaches bearing the Blue Flag – gravel beach Dražice and sand beach Soline. The walk continues further from Soline Beach, where there are numerous bars and restaurants that are crowded with people during the tourist season and entertainment lasts till the early morning hours, and then passes by Soline Campsite situated in the shade of a lovely pinewood. It is one of the biggest campsites in Croatia and ranks among the top ten of the country. The walk continues further on the cycling trail that leads to the final destination–Biograd Fun park by Mirnovec.

Once at the destination, a tour of all the attractions of the Fun Park takes place, after which follows organized transport to return to the starting point. Following the 4.5 km-long walk, a real Dalmatian refreshment rightfully awaits all participants, and it takes place in the park where the walk started.



During the Slovenian weekend, book a day for family cycling which has the same route as Biograd Walk. Once gathered and registered, all participants set for their picturesque ride along the shore, promenade and woods to the goal – Biograd Fun Park. Following a short pause and visit, all participants turn back to the Waterfront.


Biograd Regatta

An unavoidable part of the active vacation is surely the regatta. Slovenians are known to be passionate yachtsmen that regularly come to Biograd and participate in all the regattas. The Biograd Regatta lasts for two days and starts with the seafront registration of the crew followed by a meeting of the skippers. The regatta consists of two sailings, on is along the Pađman Canal and the other along the Love Canal. The winner announcement ceremony follows at the end with cups being awarded and socializing at dinner for all participants. Entertainment for all sailing fans is guaranteed!

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Entertainment program

In order to avoid all being directed towards daily activities and an active vacation, every evening throughout the Slovenian Weekend, we have prepared an entertainment program for our guests. Each participant of the manifestation will therefore have the chance to enjoy the Dalmatian food ensured by their host and cheer up and relax in the live music and company.

The musical guests of the entertainment program coming from Slovenia attract the greatest attention each year, and they bring to Biograd a breath of the Slovenian charm and guaranteed entertainment. Some of such guests were Tanja Žagar and Čuki Band.

Dance, sing and relax- you’re on vacation, you’ve deserved it!