Discover Biograd

The city of Biograd na Moru is not only a well-known tourist center, but also a nautical center located at the very heart of the Adriatic coast. If you sit in one of the numerous restaurants and coffee shops on the seafront, you will view one of the most picturesque straits – the Pašman Canal with scattered islets. If you find yourself on the waterfront at sunset, the special view is to be remembered by taking a photograph. Taking into consideration the two modern marinas located right in the center of the city, the tourist season is all year round and it is worthwhile to visit Biograd during any season of the year.

Biograd na Moru is a Croatian royal city mentioned for the first time in the 10th century, while in the 11th century it was the seat of Croatian kings and bishops. Biograd experienced its most thriving period as the capital of medieval Croatian rulers, and in 1102 the Croatia-Hungarian King Coloman was crowned in Biograd. Numerous material proof of the tumultuous and rich history of the Biograd area is stored in the interesting Homeland Museum with its permanent exhibition of the cultural and historical collection of the “16th century sunken ship cargo”. It is a unique collection on the Adriatic where 10,000 objects are preserved from the Venetian 16th century sunken ship near the islet of Gnalić in the Pašman Canal.

Biograd is a relatively small town but absolutely rich in history which is reflected in the sacral Christian constructions, the parish church of St. Anastasia (1761), early Romanesque church of St. Anthony (13th cent), church of St. Rocco (16the cent.). Among the ancient Biograd constructions, only the basilica of John (11th cent.) survived the Venetian destruction of Biograd of 1125, but in the nearby island of Pašman the 800-year-old Benedictine monastery of St. Kuzma and Damian still stands (1128) and the Franciscan monastery of St. Damian from the 16th century.

Since the town is situated at the center of the Adriatic coast, it is an ideal starting point for researching the surroundings as well as further destinations along the entire coast. There are five national parks in its proximity– Kornati, Krka, Paklenica, North Velebit and Plitvice Lakes as well as two nature parks – Lake Vrana and Telašćica. Do not fail to discover all the natural beauty that surrounds Biograd. The cities of Zadar, Nin and Šibenik are not far from Biograd and they are worth seeing for their rich history and monuments.

Biograd is also a very interesting destination for cyclists. Those who are ready for longer and more demanding ventures will find the cycling trail of Lake Vrana which are about 35 km long. The trail leads to viewpoint Kamenjak from where the view expands over the entire archipelago and the island of Pašman.

The position of the Biograd archipelago is ideal for sailing and Biograd can therefore brag in having the busiest regatta calendar in Croatia and further.

Lovers of sports recreational fishing, sweet water or sea, will find a location for their hobby. Lake Vrana is only a few kilometers from Biograd and an ideal place for fishing. Due to its great variety of birds, it is the best place for those who like birdwatching.

Scuba divers will find their place under the sun here for the waters around the city of Biograd are the right place for all types of diving – professional as well as those who are taking their first steps in exploring the sea depths. If some are not diving fans, the beauty of the sea bottom can be seen from a semi-submarine.

The city offers a handful of sports and recreation experiences. The tennis center is located in the pinewood near Soline Beach. Next to the center are the sports grounds for five-a-side soccer, basketball, handball, Italian bowling, volleyball in the sand – something for everyone.

In the vicinity is the equestrian club that offers recreational and therapeutic horseback riding and horseback riding excursions.

Those who love to relax on the beach are reminded that all the city beaches hold the Blue Flag (symbol of preserved and ecological beaches). The beaches are situated in a pinewood and a promenade connects them to the center of the city. Those in search of recreation and entertainment on the beach can rent a water scooter, boat, canoe or paddle boat. Those who are more courageous and adrenalin sports fans can try to fly in a parachute over the seawater, go water skiing or surfing. Water polo can be played in the Ilirija swimming pool or one can participate in the swimming school.

Many would agree that bathing in the sea and promenading next to the sea is wellness in itself, however, there are special massage treatments on the Soline and Dražica beaches while hotels Ilirija, In and Adria have a complete wellness service offer. In any case, there are many possibilities and one thing is for certain – everyone can find something of interest.